West Burton is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in the Yorkshire Dales National Park with a large village green and no through road.

Also within the village is the West Burton Cauldron Falls one of the waterfalls drawn by Turner during his tour of the North of England.

West Burton has a real sense of community, with a village shop/tearoom, pub and family run butcher's shop.

There is also plenty for the visitor to see and do. As well as The Old Smithy Antiques there is Moorside Design Cat Pottery and country shop/weaver's studio, Fabric of the Field.

A wide variety of different types of accommodation is available to rent both in the village and the surrounding area. 

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Report from the July meeting of the Parish Council

At the July meeting of the parish council, councillors heard of steps being taken to assess the work needed to repair the large hole that had appeared under the end of the footpath on the right hand side of the waterfall. The clerk reported that, as a precaution, the area had been taped off to deter people from walking on the footpath at this point, although so far there seemed to be no signs of imminent collapse. The council also heard that the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority ranger, Mr Nigel Metcalfe, had been asked for his advice as to how repairs could be undertaken, bearing in mind the footpath's location right next to the water flowing down from the waterfall. At the same time, local builders were being asked for their assessment of how the work could be done, and for estimates of the costs. Once these quotes had been received, the council would investigate sources of possible funding.

Ward boundaries
The council welcomed Councillor Caroline Thornton-Berry of Richmondshire District Council, who explained the background to the consultation request by Richmondshire District Council on warding arrangements. Also welcomed was Councillor John Blackie of North Yorkshire County Council who put forward suggested alternatives to what was being proposed. The members of the parish council considered issues including the implications of the proposal to reduce the numbers of the District Councillors from 34 to 24, and the re-drawing of the ward boundaries to try to achieve parity of the number of electors within each ward whilst maintaining the coherence of geographical and economical factors. Councillor John Blackie further informed the council that he was hoping to obtain the views of all the parish councils in the area, after which he would produce a report and a recommendation for their consideration. It was agreed to discuss the matter further after receiving this information.

Leaks of sewage into the beck
The clerk reported on several emails that had been received from Yorkshire Water which informed the parish council that a scheme, to prevent the leaks of sewage into the surface water drainage system that flows into the beck, was still being considered. Councillors had already received a report that the source of the leaks had been identified, and the Highways Department of North Yorkshire County Council had been consulted with regard to a joint scheme to rectify the problem. Councillor Beth Daley confirmed that every time a leak was identified it was reported to the Environment Agency. It was felt that this matter had been under consideration for far too long and that the clerk should now write to Yorkshire Water to ask what remedial action was proposed and when the work would be carried out.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 5 September 2017